The extensions we make are primarily ment for the joomlanext template, that is a free download! 
Due to some dependencies, not all extensions may work on other templates. Please keep this in mind.

Add world times to your website with this module! You can select up to 60 different cities, create a unique layout, have a marquee option, and show dates optionally.

The animated counter module lets you show your clients how much work you have completed.

This plugin allows you to add the power of facebook comments to your website. Every one uses facebook almost daily. You often are logged on, and can comment instantly.

The simple contact form module allows you to quickly and easily setup a contact form on your website. 

The Joomlanext portfolio component allows you to add your portfolio to your site.You can link it via a menu, and have it show all your projects.

The carousel module allows you to play a carousel of images in a moving slideshow across a module position. It is easy to setup, and can hold up to 15 slides. 

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